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Stage Management: Projects
AClownShowAboutRain Press Image 9.jpeg


Silent Faces Theatre

"A Clown Show About Rain is a deceptively playful work of physical theater"- The New York Times

Becks worked as Stage Manger and Operator for Silent Faces Theatre on their production of A Clown Show About Rain. Which has been performed at Vaults Festival (2018 and 2019) and Incoming Festival (2018) at The New Diorama Theatre in London and Home in Manchester. The show has also been at Pleasance Dome for Edinburgh Fringe (2018) and Pleasance Theatre (2018) in London. 

Becks had an amazing experience working on this show, meeting new people and developing her technical and management skills. It was challenging to work at the Edinburgh Fringe because the show was performed 29 times in a month. But from this, she challenged herself and learnt about the demands of the industry. Working on the show for the Edinburgh Fringe, was brilliant because she was able to experience how a large art festival works and see lots of other great shows. 

Dice Summerhall.jpg


Summer Hall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Camden People's Theatre, London

"DICE Festival is an artist-led festival of chance, programming excellent live art and experimental performance from artists of all backgrounds and at every stage in their career."- Camden People's Theatre

Becks worked as technician and operator for Dice Festival. A dice is rolled to see which artists perform and in what order. The element of chance requires Becks to be prepared to change the lighting and prepare the sound levels and technical equipment for each artist. 

Becks enjoyed working for DICE Festival because she got to meet lots of different artists. Before each show she worked with them to ensure they have the best lighting and sound possible for their performance. She enjoys the fun and friendly atmosphere created at DICE. It can be challenging not knowing the order of performance but she takes pleasure in  the element of surprise created. 

Photographer: Rebecca Turner


Encore Theatre at Peckham Theatre

"The Ǝncore Theatre Company is an inclusive and innovative over 60’s theatre...showcasing the diverse talents of the company members and challenging the stereotypes of ageing."-Encore Theatre.

In this production of Ruffled Feathers, Becks worked as Assistant Director and Stage Manager. As Assistant Director, Becks helped Director Javier Mora during rehearsals and run warm ups before the show. She also edited the videos which where projected throughout the performance. Her role of stage manager required her to organise the large amount of props and costume and note the blocking of scenes throughout the rehearsal process. 

Rehearsal Images


Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari at Shoreditch Town Hall

"Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari of pioneering cult performance collective shunt, bring you their genre defying Party Skills for the End of the World"- Shoreditch Town Hall 

Becks role for this show was Assistant to the Stage Manger, Danii Raylls. This was an immersive show which required her to organise the props and costume throughout the night for the next section and next group of audience members. She also needed to work quickly to move costumes and props away from audiences as new entrances and exits where created for them. The show was a collaborative devised performance, as a result aspects of the show could be changed every night, therefore she had to respond quickly to update the pre-set lists.

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