Itch Collective

Itch Collective is a company founded by artists from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama’s BA Performance Arts course which focuses on developing individual and collaborative practices, working with performance artists, designers and other creative practitioners to produce immersive, theatrical and experimental work in professional environments.

My role as part of the Itch Collective was to manage and market social media accounts for the SKINNED:LIVE Event. This required me to make a schedule with dates and times for posting content. I also consistently posted throughout the event with live feeds and the hashtag #whoareyouwearing to raise awareness and discussions about the event. Another one of my roles as part of the Itch Collective was to work with artists as part of the artists liaison team. I found this role more challenging because at times it was difficult to get hold of artists for important information. However, I enjoyed reading applications, programming the artists in the space and helping them when needed. 

Itch Collective aims to provide a platform for emerging artists alongside established works in an effort to recognise diverse and provocative work that challenges social stereotypes, explores identity and questions representations. SKINNED: LIVE is the  first collaboration between Camden People’s Theatre and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama’s second year Performance Arts (BA) led artist association Itch Collective. The three day event produced a series of exciting and diverse works from new and upcoming artists including live performance, photography, installation and music, and hosted a number of provocative and engaging talks and discussions with established artists and industry professionals. SKINNED: LIVE  celebrated diversity and experimental art forms, as well as traditional ones, in a rich and immersive live art experience that is brought together by the theme of skin- and what lies underneath.


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