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If 1 in 10 people in the UK have some form of dyslexia, and 80% of students are going undiagnosed in schools, how many kids are being cheated out of a proper education? This juicy game-show puts our education system to the test and asks why neurodiversity is branded as a weakness, when it could be our biggest strength!

With exams getting harder every year, coursework being removed and students being forced to produce A*s like chickens laying eggs, some kids are left feeling like failures before they’ve even begun. But not all hope is lost, Becks Turner is here to remind you that when life gives you lemons, you can make Melonade!

Melonade is a fun, fierce and full-of-glitter show that tears apart the legacy of Michael Gove’s laughable education policies and celebrates the fact that no two brains are the same.

Expect melons, lemons and a rigged and raucous game show that exposes the academic bias of our education system, debunking myths about “soft subjects”, empowering the dyslexic community and highlighting a need for a serious change in the way we educate and assess students.

Creative Team

Produced by: Josie Underwood 

Dramaturgy by: Adam Gregory 

Stage and Costume Design: Sophie James-Frost 

Sound design: Ellie Isherwood

Stage Manager: Lauren Francis Gibson

Due to COVID-19 Melonade at Vaults Festival 2020 on March 18 & 19 was cancelled. We are looking forward to performing next year at Vault Festival 2021. 

Melonade: Bio
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