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G&T Theatre is a duo act from two theatre makers, Adam Gregory and Becks Turner. We work to create interactive, cabaret style, game theatre. Our work is political and socially engaged, using comedy and silliness to make serious points.

Adam (he/him) is a dramaturg, director and performer. Becks and Adam worked together for the first time on Becks’ show Melonade​. ​Melonade​ was a part of the VAULT Festival’s “lost week” due to the pandemic. However, they quickly learned that they have the same ideas on audience engagement, authenticity, and playing.

They are currently devising their first production as a company, Avocado on Tits. A cabaret gameshow combining digital and live performance to investigate the fast fashion industry’s use of social media as a tool for exploitation of people and planet.

Stay tuned for G&T Theatre's social media and website coming soon!