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I am a co-founder of Shift Update,  a production company and online platform to promote artists making work more sustainably. Shift Update is an online space to learn about sustainability in the arts and share work with other artists interested in making an environmentally sustainable practise.

We see sustainability as being aware of how our decisions impact others and the planet. Being sustainable is about finding solutions to tackle issues around the environment, humanity and the effects of global warming. We work with other artists to create and encourage new solutions that make a conscious effort towards sustainability in the arts sector.

Our first event Shape Shifter, was at The Yard in January and was a huge success. Set in another dimension, Shape Shifter is a top secret underground club owned by Queen Selsia of Nibiru. Under attack by planet Xena, the Nibiru people must defend their right to party. Look out for updates on the next out of this world disco experience at club Shape Shifter. 

Josie Underwood
Antonia Eugenie
Antonia Eugenie
Antonia Eugenie
Antonia Eugenie


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