Becks Turner is a creative producer, visual artist and performance artist. She creates playful and energetic environments for audiences where they are given the freedom to misbehave. She makes this environment by experimenting with game structures in live events to transform, educate and entertain her audience who are young adults that enjoy a vibrant theatrical, cabaret and club scene. The clown like persona she creates for performances indulges and invites audiences to rebel, break rules and exorcise their fears of failure.

Her debut solo show, Melonade was a sell out at Camden People’s Theatre as part of Sprint Festival 2019. Melonade is an interactive game show exploring neurodiversity and questioning issues within the education system. Melonade at Vault Festival 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19, but Becks is looking forward to bringing Melonade to Vault Festival 2021.

While her performing has been on hold due to the pandemic, Becks has got back into painting. She uses bold colours with oil paints or watercolours to recreate every day objects. She has recently taught her self how to create digital illustrations using Pro Create and is now taking on freelance illustration jobs. 

She is co-founder of Shift Update, a platform to promote artists making work more sustainably. Shift Update is an online space to learn about sustainability in the arts and share work with other artists interested in making an environmentally sustainable practise. Shift Update also produce events with their first club night, Shape Shifter, being a huge success at The Yard (2019).

Becks has recently graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with a First class honours in BA Performance Arts. Becks now works as Marketing Assistant for Learning and Audience Development at the Barbican Centre, helping market the Barbican's Creative Learning projects, co-ordinate Young Barbican and produce Young Barbican Nights.



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